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Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

We sincerely appreciate you helping our small business out. At this stage, it's just my wife and I sharing this dream, in addition to our day jobs.

We will absolutely try our best to ship merchandise out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee delivery times at this stage, so shipping times are just estimates. We'll try to get Stroganoff to help when possible, but he has a really hard time with packing tape for some reason.

If there are any issues with the carrier or the delivery, we will do our best to resolve things for everyone as quickly as possible, in a way that works well for everyone. Thanks in advance for your patience!

For most items that we sell, we'll only be able to accept returns for items that were damaged in transit or items that are defective. If you receive an item that was damaged in transit, or is defective, please contact us as soon possible and we'll do our best to make it right for you. We can't offer returns for other circumstances yet, but if you aren't happy with something you received please contact us, let us know what is wrong, and we'll do our best to work towards a positive solution for everyone.

Please ensure you have read and agree to the preceding terms, and the more comprehensive terms below before placing an order.

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