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Have fun reading Stroganoff's responses to questions asked by all his friends :)

My Pal Stroganoff the dachshund with a yellow flower in his kids book.
Would you like to ask Stroganoff a question?

You can ask him anything about: his toys, his popular children's book, what it's like to be a mini doxie, his dachshund heritage, or anything else you would like to learn about this little dog.

What is your favorite color?

Josie, that’s a fun question. My favorite color is blue! My first puppy blanket, which I still have, has a blue paw print on it and a blue border. Ever since I first curled up in that blanket, I’ve loved blue. One of my favorite toys is ‘Blue Bone,’ and my website and book have blue accents throughout.

- Asked by Josie

Do you like cats?

Noah, thank you for asking, that’s a ruff question. I like almost everyone! I make friends everywhere I go with creatures big and small, in all shapes and colors. I like cats, but I’ve found that cats don’t always like me. 😂 There was a black and white cat that lived next door to us. Every day I would come home from my afternoon walk and trot up to the kitty to say hi. Each time he would blow up like a puffer fish, hiss, and swat his mighty claws at me. At first, I thought it was just his unique way of saying hello, but over time I learned that he didn’t seem to like me. So each day, I tried to say hi, hoping he would change his mind. Never be afraid to try and make new friends, Noah!

- Asked by Noah

What is your favorite food?

Great question! I love to eat all kinds of food. I talk about my love of pumpkin in my book. It's one of my favorite foods. But my favorite food of all time is white rice! I know when the rice cooker is cooking that fluffy, tasty delicacy!

- Asked by Paola and Odie

What is your favorite treat?

Every day at 8:00 pm, on the dot, I report to the cabinet for treat-o-clock. I do my famous meerkat pose, and mom opens the magical treat cabinet for me. I'm presented with a variety of delicious morsels to choose from. I pace back and forth, sniffing each treat bag carefully. When I find my snack for the evening, I grab the corner of the bag and pull it onto the floor for mom. Most of the time, I indulge in blueberry greenies.

They are my favorite!

- Asked by Paola and Odie

What is your favorite game?

That's an easy one! My favorite game ever is fetch. I could play fetch all day. Sometimes I play for so long Mom and Dad have to remind me to take a drink break and potty break. They always make sure I get plenty of fresh cool water.


I also love to play chase. When Mom or Dad chase me around the house I have so much fun! I get to be fast and turn fast, and practice all my fast doxie paw-work.


One of my other favorite games is tug of war. I like to grab Big Rope and shake it real hard, then have Dad or Mom pull on one end while I use all my strength to pull the toy away from them. Mom and Dad try really hard, so I let them win sometimes.

Do you like hugs?

I am like Olaf, I love warm hugs!

Mom and Dad usually hug me by kneeling down and hugging me safely on the ground. I also love family hugs. Mom picks me up, then Dad hugs both of us, and it's my favorite. Sometimes, if Mom and Dad hug without me, (not ok) I have to rush over and sit on their feet so I can be a part of the hug too :)

Do you take your toys for walks?

I love taking my doxie toys for walks. I take them for walks in the back yard, the front yard, all through the house, and on walks with Mom and Dad. I like to stroll through the back yard and show them all the pretty flowers and hide with them in the bushes.

Are you as floppy as everyone says?

The vet had me tested as a puppy and they said I was one of the floppiest dachshunds they have ever seen. Testing results indicated I was in the top 10 in the world on the International Floppiness Index (IFI).

Do you like car rides?

Car rides are a lot of fun. I enjoy riding in the car with Mom the most because she drives nice and slow. Mom and Dad both have doxie boxes and they make sure I'm safely buckled in every time we go for a car ride.

Is it true that doxie hugs are like unicorn hugs?

My exhaustive research indicates this is true. Two double blind studies I've been leading at ivy league universities both have shown high concentrations of magic in dachshund and unicorn hugs. In related tests, we found my Midi-chlorian counts to be very high, much higher than unicorn counts.

Which toy is your favorite?

My favorite toy is my best friend basket-a-ball. We've been best friends since I was a puppy. I actually have more than 10 basketballs that I've played with over the years. But, there is one basketball, and I only I know which one, that is my absolute favorite and it goes everywhere with me.

If you sit on someone's foot, is it good luck?

Of course :) I love to sit on feet, it's my favorite. When I sit on a foot, it brings good luck to that person for 18 to 24 hours. You know a dachshund likes you when they sit on your foot. I have to sit on people's feet to show them I like them because Dad said it was rude to sit on people's noses.

Does your Dad really sing the "Good Morning Stroganoff" song to you?

Yes! He doesn't sing it every day, but he sings it a couple times a week and has ever since I was a little doxie puppy. The song from my children's book is real and Dad made it up just for me.

Does your Dad sing "The Breakfast" song to you every day?

Yes! He sings it a lot and we do the circle dance while he sings it to me. Dad spins in a circle and so do I during the circle dance.

Do you like Mondays?

The rumors are true, I am not a fan of Mondays. It can be hard to get out of bed sometimes. But, once I do, I'm back to my floppy ways.

How many toys do you have?

I have 27 different toys and I make sure I put them all away before bed time. I love my toys and know all their names. Some of my toys are: Hexagon, Blue Bone, Big Rope, Basketball, Blue Donut, Red Ring, and Double Basketball.

Which picture in the book is your favorite?

My favorite picture is of me with Old Blue near the yellow flower. It's on page 11 of my popular children's book, "My Pal Stroganoff - A Doxie's Tail."

Are you fast?

I am really fast! I love to feel the wind in my ears as I run with Dad or chase my toys during fetch. Sometimes, I run so fast that my ears fly up in the wind, like I have two little capes flopping behind me.

Do you have a fetch "problem"?

I love to play fetch so much and I get super excited! I could play all day- as long as I get my 18 hours of naps in for the day ;) I wouldn't call it a "problem" because it keeps me healthy. Mom and Dad do make sure I don't go overboard though, which I can do sometimes. They make sure I take breaks, stay cool, and get plenty of water.

Are dachshund sneezes also magical?

Mom and Dad always tell me that when I sneeze on them, it's magical. We have not researched sneezes as much as hugs, but it is safe to assume doxie sneezes are also magical :)

How do you feel about doorbells?

I am not a fan. As head of security for our house, I take my job very seriously. I don't appreciate it when strangers and my arch nemesis the mailman ring the doorbell and disturb Mom and Dad.

How do you feel about clothes?

I like to wear shirts and jackets on cold days during the winter. They keep me warm and snuggly. I've got little legs, so mom and dad make sure all my clothes fit well, so I don't trip. I love it when mom and dad tell me I look handsome and call me "shirt dog" and "sweater dog."

- Asked by Patrick

What do you dream about?

I have dreams about all kinds of things. Mom and Dad love it when I happy squeak while dreaming. It makes them smile. When I have happy dreams, I dream about fetching Basket-a-ball, swimming in a pool filled with tennis balls, and romping in a field of tall grass. Sometimes I have bad dreams about scary dogs, and it makes me cry. When I cry, Dad wakes me up, hugs me, and tells me everything is ok.

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