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My Pal Stroganoff the Doxie with Mom and Dad
Stroganoff the doxie art bubble.
- Katherine "Kat" Arbuckle, Author and Editor -

Kat is an elementary school teacher with more than 10 years of experience in the classroom. She also spent many years as a camp counselor for children ages 4 to 8. She loves helping kids learn. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Magna Cum Laude, and a Master’s in Education with a concentration in reading instruction. She loves Stroganoff with all her heart and hopes you enjoy reading this popular new kids book about this special little guy.

Stroganoff the doxie art bubble.
- Scott Arbuckle, Co-Author, and Design -

Scott is active in the local Rotary club and has worked in finance and accounting for many years. Throughout the years he has used his graphic design background to publish numerous colorful and vibrant budget and long-term financial planning documents. He worked very hard on all the graphic design elements of Stroganoff’s children's book.

He spent thousands of hours, over several years bringing this kids book to life. He worked hard with Kat on the book in the hopes that people would read it, love it, and it would bring a Great Dane sized dose of doxie joy and happiness into their day. He has a passion for his family, cars, motorcycles, and his best friend Stroganoff. He loves his floppy dog and enjoys working with Kat to share Stroganoff with the world. 

Stroganoff the doxie art bubble.

Ever since Stroganoff was a puppy he has drawn attention everywhere we go. I've had dogs my whole life and have never seen so many people respond so gushingly to a fur baby in public. It took me a while to realize, this was unique. I'd watch other people walk by with adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes and they never drew quite the response Stroganoff does.


I decided that I wanted to share him with you, but didn't want to just have a social media account. I wanted to do something that would provide a break from electronic devices for families. Given Kat's experience and education, a book seemed like a great solution. I brought the idea up to Kat and she loved it. A kids book would be great to share with our young nieces, nephews, and children all over the world. A children's book would also give us a chance to help little ones learn to read while teaching them how to care for pets. 


We just love this little guy so much, he is always so happy, warm and friendly. He is the perfect little guy to curl up with at bed time. We hope he'll fill children's hearts and imaginations with love, happiness and compassion as they lay their heads down to sleep at night. 

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