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Stroganoff the doxie art bubble, learn about taking care of dachshunds.

Dachshunds are amazing little dogs, but they require a bit more care than other breeds. We share a little bit with you about doxies in general. Then, we've got some great tips and information on how to care for your dachshund. We also wanted to share some of the best dachshund books we've found, in case you would like to learn more about wiener dogs.


We've had many questions about the toys shown in Stroganoff's book, so we've included a list of his doxie toys with links to them. Finally, we've got a fun little list of products that will help keep your sausage dog safe.

Stroganoff the doxie art bubble, learn about dachshunds.
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My Pal Stroganoff safety section bubble.
Stroganoff the doxie art bubble, learn about dachshunds.


  • Dachshund is German for "Badger Dog" and they go by many names: doxies, wiener dogs, sausage dogs, or hot dogs. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs and are little dogs with a big bark.

  • Doxies:

    • Come in all shapes and sizes from mini's like Stroganoff to standards.

    • Can weigh anywhere from 11 to 32 pounds.

    • Come in all colors and can have smooth, wire, or long fur.

  • They are little dogs with big personalities. They can make great pets, but they need special care because of their backs.

My Pal Stroganoff the doxie teddy bear paws up close.
About Doxies
Info and Tips Bubble - 01-18-21.png


  • Obesity is a big problem for doxies, always make sure they eat healthy and get plenty of exercise.

  • Letting your pup get too chubby can put stress on their back and hips which can lead to major problems.

Fat Doxie Joke Picture - 11-18-20.jpg


  • Their backs can be sensitive and prone to injury, treat all doxies with care when you pick them up.

  • Pick up the front half and the back half of the doxie at the same time.

  • They love to jump and climb stairs! It's nearly impossible, but try to limit their jumping and stair climbing.

  • When they land from jumping it puts a lot of pressure on their backs and legs.

My Pal Stroganoff the dachshund rolling in grass.

Car Rides

  • We found Stroganoff does well in the car, but likes to constantly be on our laps which can be hazardous and unsafe.

  • Flopping around the seats or floor can also be unsafe and stressful.

  • He rides in a pet carrier that secures him to his harness. He really seems to enjoy it and feels safe.

  • We call it a Doxie Box, check it out below.

Stroganoff the dachshund in his safety seat.

Love & Training

  • Doxies are quite intelligent but can be very stubborn.

  • Don't give up on training them, they just need love and a lot of positive reinforcement.

  • Stroganoff loves hugs, but always make sure their back is safe when you go to hug them.

  • Hug gently if your pup is just a little dog.​

Doxie Puppy Reading with Glasses


  • Big floppy ears are adorable but they are also great places to hide dirt. 

  • Keep those ears healthy and clean.

  • Always wash behind their ears.

  • Practice safe ear cleaning, if you don't know how to safely clean their ears, ask your vet.

My Pal Stroganoff the mini dachshund on stairs with his toy basketball, teaching about ear cleaning.


  • Stroganoff loves all kinds of toys but they have to be very durable. Even as a little guy, he will destroy anything we give him. 

  • Pick toys that are really durable and strong to reduce the likelihood of ingestion or choking.

  • Here are some of his favorite toys:

Stroganoff the doxie with his toys in toy box.
Doxie Books Bubble - 01-18-21.png

Are you considering adopting a wiener dog? Would you like to add a dachshund to your family? Do you already have a doxie and would like to learn more? We selected a few highly regarded books on dachshunds to help you learn more about these amazing little dogs. Please take a look at this collection of some of the best books on dachshunds.


Here is the list of best dachshund books, in no particular order:

1. Dachshunds- A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

2. The Complete Guide to Miniature Dachshunds

3. Dachshund Training Volume 1

4. Dachshund Training Volume 2

5. The Complete Guide to Dachshunds

6. The Dachshund Handbook

Dachshunds A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Chris C. Pinney from Barron’s. One of the top, complete dachshund books.

Complete Doxie Manual

A really nice general book for dachshunds. It covers the breed in general, but also touches on their unique traits.

Dachshund Training Volume 2 by Claudia Kaiser. One of the best doxie (dachshund) care books available.

Doxie Training

The second volume of the Claudia Kaiser series on doxie training. A nice series tailored to dachshunds.

The Complete Guide to Miniature Dachshunds by David Anderson. One of the best dachshund books specifically for mini doxies.

Mini Doxies

A good book that is specific to miniature dachshunds. Mini doxies tend to be smaller and weigh quite a bit less.

The Complete Guide to Dachshunds by Vanessa Richie. One of the best overall books for dachshund care.

Complete Doxie Guide

A very nice comprehensive guide to dachshund care, with an emphasis on their unique personalities.

Dachshund Training by Claudia Kaiser. One of the best doxie (dachshund) training books available.

Doxie Training

Doxies are known for their stubbornness. This book is specifically tailored to dachshund training.

The Dachshund Handbook by Linda Whitwam. A comprehensive book for dachshund care.

Dachshund Handbook

A good, well-rounded handbook for dachshunds. Standard and miniature doxies are covered in this handbook.

Doxie Books
Doxie Toys Bubble - 01-18-21.png

We've had a lot of interest in the toys and safety items Stroganoff uses, so we created this section of the website to share some of Stroganoff's favorite doxie toys with you. We think your pup will enjoy these toys too. A lot of the items we use regularly, and they have worked well for us. Other items we've got on our wishlist, or just thought they were fun. 

My Pal Stroganoff toys, his Chuckit basketball.


Stroganoff's favorite toy, he calls it "Basket-a-ball." It's tough, fun, and durable. This is his favorite toy for fetch.

My Pal Stroganoff toys, his rope toys.


He loves to play with rope toys. They are great for fetch and tug of war. He also enjoys just chewing on them.

Dog blankets for little dogs and pets. Some of the best dog blankets available in a variety of colors.

Dog Blankets

Stroganoff loves his doggy blankets. These blankets are durable and easy to wash. We really like the bright colors.

JW dog treat toy. One of the best dog treat toys, used by Stroganoff the doxie.


One of Stroganoff's other favorites, he calls it "Hexagon." He loves to play tug of war with this fun toy.

Dog Toy Box (toybox) for dog toys, Made in the USA.

Toy Box

This toy box is a great way to keep the dog toys all in one place, and keep everything tidy. Made in the USA.

Wooden dog kennel, or dog crate. A very nice all wood dog crate.

Kennel / Crate

We've had this wooden dog kennel since he was a puppy and we get a lot of compliments. It's well built and looks nice.

Doxie Toys
My Pal Stroganoff safety section bubble.

Pet safety is a critical topic that is easily overlooked. Dachshund safety is critical because of their backs. These are things we may not readily think of for pet safety, but they can help prevent serious accidents. Here are cool items we use, or recommend using to help keep your furry family member safe.

Safety car seat for dogs, one of the best available. Stroganoff the dachshund uses this one.

Doxie Box

This is what we like to call the Doxie Box. He feels safe and secure during car rides with this doggy car seat.

My Pal Stroganoff pet ramp for small dogs with good reviews.

Wooden Ramp

If you've got little dogs or older dogs, ramps are great. This one has a nice wood finish.

Some of the best pet alert stickers for first responders. These are bright red and easy to see.

Pet Alert Stickers

We got this idea from a friend. They are designed to let first responders know if you have a pet in the house. Great idea.

One of the best dog life vests available. Stroganoff the dachshund uses it to stay safe.

Life Vest

Whenever we take him out on our little kayak or on a boat, he always wears a life vest. Boat safety is important.

One of the best pet stairs available for small pets or older pets on My Pal Stroganoff.

Compact Ramp

This is another nice ramp that folds up and tucks into small spaces for easy storage.

One of the best pet food storage containers available. Stroganoff the dachshund keeps his food fresh in this container.

Dog Food Container

Keeping food fresh and free of contaminants is important for doggy health. These are quite durable. We have two of them.

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