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Adult Tri-Blend T-Shirt with Paw Tracks and Dachshund Cartoon
• Ready for some My Pal Stroganoff swag? This soft and comfy shirt is unique and fun. It shows off your love of dachshunds, puppies, and dogs.

• Little dachshund paws are printed on the front, with an adorable dachshund cartoon to the side. On the left is the My Pal Stroganoff logo, so you know it's doxie approved.

• This unisex shirt has the fit, feel and durability of a well-loved vintage piece. It’s a tri-blend, made from a mix of 50% polyester, 25% spring-rung cotton and 25% rayon, which gives it a unique and very comfortable texture. This soft blend ensures the shirt is elastic and retains its shape, but it is durable and comfy.

• This shirt is printed in the USA. The shirt itself is made in the USA or other countries, depending upon availability.

• We try to have all our products made or printed in the USA. Because of this principle, our products are a little more expensive than other items you'll find on Amazon or other websites.

• This tri-blend shirt is part of the My Pal Stroganoff lineup of shirts and hats that complement his children's book, "My Pal Stroganoff: A Doxie's Tail". Please check out his other hats and shirts, and of course his fun book that reinforces good daily habits and teaches kids to love all pets.

Adult Tri-Blend T-Shirt with Paw Tracks and Dachshund Cartoon

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