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Welcome! Here are some of the fun and unique wiener dog related items we've created that we hope you enjoy. We have beautiful dachshund puzzles featuring Stroganoff. We have high quality, custom made masks and bandanas crafted here in the USA. We also have shirts and hats available, so you can take Stroganoff with you everywhere.

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Our puzzles feature Stroganoff and one of his favorite toys, Old Blue, set right next to a bright yellow hibiscus flower. These puzzles will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Our beautiful puzzles are made from high quality materials.

    Masks and Bandanas Bubble - 01-18-21.png

    We've been able to work with a family member who is a college student to bring you some unique dachshund themed items. Please take a look at our hand made bandanas and masks. We hope they brighten your day.

      If you prefer a mask with more bells and whistles, these premium masks are great. They've got an adjustable nose wire, filter pocket, and PVC earloop size adjusters. We hope you like the fun, simple designs.

        Masks and Bandanas
        Apparel Bubble - 01-18-21.png

        Take a little Stroganoff with you everywhere with our shirts and hats. All our items are printed or embroidered in the USA, and several of them are made in the USA as well. Our doxie related shirts and hats are made to fit either men or women comfortably. Each shirt and hat is made to order just for you :)

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