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Follow Stroganoff, the miniature dachshund, on all of his adventures in the book series, “My Pal Stroganoff”. In his first book, we get a smile-filled glimpse into the daily life of the most adorable doxie around.


His smile is contagious. It’s almost impossible to turn the page and not smile along with this happy little guy. Kids of all ages, big brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, parents, and grandparents will delight in the colorful and happy imagery that every page displays.

My Pal Stroganoff, A Doxie's Tail children's book front cover.

Front Cover

Everyone in the family will have fun reading about this cute little guy in his children's book as he teaches his younger readers about good daily habits like healthy eating, exercising, nap time, tidiness, studying, family time, bedtime, and just having fun.

Your little ones will want to embrace the good habits they learn from this kids book and gleefully proclaim, “I ate all my dinner, just like Stroganoff,” or “I put away all my toys, just like Stroganoff.” 

My Pal Stroganoff interior book preview. Mini doxie with yellow flower and blue toy.

Interior Preview

The bright cover and fun images also make it a great coffee table book and conversation starter. Dachshund fans, dog fans, and anyone looking for a smile would be happy to pick up the book and enjoy the imagery. 

Follow Stroganoff through all his adventures and learn about life, love, and a little dog with big paws.

My Pal Stroganoff, A Doxie's Tail children's book back cover.

Back Cover

Reader Reviews

My 2-year-old daughter loved "My Pal Stroganoff", she hardly sits through reading time, but this book really caught her eye. She enjoyed flipping through the pages, which are vivid and really help tell the story. She would not stop commenting on how cute Stroganoff is.

- Neddy

Charming! A heartwarming book for children of all ages. It will put a smile on your face.

- Jeanne

This book about a floppy-eared dog promotes all the fun and responsibility that comes with being a pet owner. The perspective is about a bone height from the ground, just right for putting oneself in the "paws" of the main character. That promotes empathy and helps kids consider how to treat a pet with real kindness.

- Sara

We bought a book for my friend's daughters, and they love it. They read it every night.

- Wendy


A Book Type for Every Occasion

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Why Readers Love Stroganoff


  • Our goal when writing the book was to make you smile on every page.

  • Fun jokes and unique concepts for kids and adults.

  • Relatable for girls and boys.

  • We donate a portion of the profits to charity.

Life Lessons

  • If you have pets or plan on getting pets, this book teaches empathy and respect for pets in a profound way.

  • Throughout the book, Stroganoff shows kids many positive habits in fun and straightforward ways that kids can relate to.


  • Written by Kat Arbuckle, a classroom teacher with 10+ years of experience.

  • Kat has a Bachelor's and Master's in Education, with a concentration in reading instruction.

  • Our books are printed in the USA per our high standards, so they are a little more expensive than many other children's books.

Small Softcover, Softcover, and Hardcover Features

  • Landscape Layout

  • 24 Pages of Cuteness

  • Glossy UV Resistant Cover

  • Durable Interior Pages

  • Printed in the USA

  • Beautifully Bound

  • Smiles on Every Page

  • Colorful Pictures

  • A Fun Conversation Starter

  • 9x7 inches

  • Flexible Softcover

  • Cuteness on the Go

  • Fits in a Travel Bag

  • Great for Road Trips

  • Good for Independent Reading

  • 11x8.5 inches

  • Flexible Softcover

  • Extra Large Pictures

  • Oversized Floppiness

  • Extra Large Text

  • Perfect for Bed Time

  • 11x8.5 inches

  • Durable Hardcover

  • Extra Large Pictures

  • Oversized Floppiness

  • Extra Large Text

  • Perfect for Bed Time

  • Fun Coffee Table Book

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